Top 10 Must-have Cooking Tools



Peelers can save your fingers when shaving carrots.
Peelers can save your fingers when shaving carrots.

If you've ever had to peel a whole sack of potatoes using only a knife, then you know that it can take a frustratingly long time. Plus, unless you're highly skilled you'll probably end up with a lot more waste than is necessary to remove the skin. And let's not forget how easy it is to cut your fingers while using a knife to peel something.

That's where peelers come in. Not only are they faster and easier to use than a knife, they're really good at removing only a very thin layer, which means more potato for cooking and less in the compost pile. And, of course, they're designed for safety. With a comfortable grip that gives you the right leverage for the task of peeling, and a blade that's not likely to come in contact with your fingers, it's a safer and more efficient way to skin an apple, peel a carrot or strip an eggplant.