Top 10 Food Fads of All Time



Today's cupcakes are creative concoctions.
Today's cupcakes are creative concoctions.

Just like the frozen yogurt and Cinnabon crazes before it, the cupcake craze is the latest trend in sweet snacks. Most people credit the television show "Sex and the City" with jump-starting the cupcake's massive popularity. After Carrie Bradshaw ate a cupcake from New York's Magnolia Bakery, people were suddenly lining up around the block.

How popular are cupcakes? The Wall Street Journal recently noted that cupcake bakeries are an important part of the improving job market in New York City.

These aren't your mother's cupcakes, either. Today you'll find cupcakes in flavors like dulce de leche, pina colada, peanut butter and jelly, red wine or tiramisu. Yum!