How Cakes Work

By: Alia Hoyt

Cakes Around the World

The tiramisu is an Italian cake made with ladyfinger biscuits, mascarpone cheese, cocoa and coffee. Eugene Mymrin/Getty Images

Just about every region in the world has some version of a cake. North America is particularly fond of cakes. In fact, the Indian pound cake was developed soon after Europeans settled, and incorporates corn meal into the recipe. Later, enslaved African-Americans created several cakes now known for being ubiquitously Southern, such as the Lady Baltimore Cake, the pound cake and the coconut cake. Many of these bakers had a working understanding of ingredients seldom used in the United States until that point, such as coconut.

The Boston area, in particular, is credited with the development of the classic chocolate layer cake, at the encouragement of chocolate companies who hired women to develop new uses for the ingredient [source: Martyris]. Strawberry shortcake is a seasonal favorite that made its way over from the Old World. Today, it pairs sponge cake (or sweetened biscuits) with berries and whipped topping [source: Marks]. The Dole pineapple company helped to propel its product into popularity via a 1926 contest calling for use of the fruit in a recipe. Of the tens of thousands of recipes submitted, 2,600 were variations on pineapple upside-down cake, still a beloved confection today [source: Avey].


Meanwhile, a small poll in Great Britain recently showed that the Victoria sponge cake is the favorite (or should we say, favourite?) cake to bake (although chocolate cake was the favorite to eat) [source: Sunday Express]. A traditional tea-time dessert, the Victoria sponge— named for Queen Victoria — is a standard two-layer cake, except it uses a fruit jam for a filling in place of icing [source: Berry].

Italians developed tiramisu, which layers lady fingers dipped in coffee with sweetened mascarpone cheese and cocoa. The Pavlova (named for the ballerina Anna Pavlova), is so beloved that New Zealand and Australia have fought bitterly over its country of origin. It turns out that the fruit-topped meringue emerged in New Zealand in 1927, much to the chagrin of proud Aussies everywhere [source: Li].

In South Africa, people love malva pudding, a very sweet pudding served with a sauce, while Latin Americans like tres leches, a sponge cake soaked in three milks: condensed, evaporated and whole milk. In Japan, there is a special treat called dorayaki, which consists of two pancakes with a filling of anko (sweet red bean paste) inside.

With thousands of cake recipes worldwide, we could go on ad nauseam about the variations of the beloved dessert. The beauty of cake is that the sky is the limit.

Cake FAQ

Why is cake called cake?
The word cake is derived from the Old Norse word, "kaka."
How do you make a cake from scratch?
A standard cake recipe typically includes flour, a type of sweetener, eggs, some kind of fat, a liquid, a leavening agent to help it rise and flavoring. The ingredients interact with each other to produce cakes of varying density, texture and taste.
Why do you add boiling water to chocolate cake?
It helps the cocoa powder to dissolve and brings out the chocolate flavor.
How can I make my cake soft and moist?
A fat source is usually included to improve texture, moistness and overall flavor. Sour cream or pudding are good additions for moistness. Liquids also help make the cake moist and improve its overall texture.
What are the four methods of cake making?
A cake usually falls into one of these categories: creaming method, no-aeration method, egg foaming method and all-in-one method.

Author's Note: How Cakes Work

In these uncertain times, at least most of us can agree that a celebration of any type isn't complete without a cake. My personal favorite is a highly unattractive, yet delicious Southern yellow cake that I dubbed "chocolate cement cake" as a child because the fudge icing hardens to the point that you can actually knock on it without doing damage. Yum!

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