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Great Cupcake and Frosting Combinations

Cupcakes are a perfect dessert or anytime sweet treat. And they're great food for parties and celebrations because these days, you can make a cupcake taste (and look) like just about anything. Need something festive for Cinco de Mayo? Whip up some lime and tequila flavored cupcakes. Want something special for Christmas? How about eggnog cupcakes? And pumpkin would be perfect for Halloween, right? Today's confectioners -- professionals and home bakers alike -- truly know how to make their baked goods irresistibly delicious, and can cater to almost any flavor craving.

But let's face it -- not all cupcakes are created equal. Some flavor combos are just better than others are. In this article, we'll look at 10 great cupcake and frosting flavor combinations that are sure to make you wish it was your birthday (or anybody's birthday, for that matter). First up, something tantalizingly tart.