Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Cupcake Toppings

One of the great things about cupcakes is that you can top them with pretty much anything you want. And it's not just limited to nuts and sprinkles -- when it comes to garnishing your baked goods, the sky really is the limit. Some tasty cupcake toppings include coconut, fresh fruit, chocolate shavings, crushed candy bars, crumbled cookies, granola, caramel, gummy candies and lemon zest.

Not surprisingly, the carrot cupcake is one of the most popular cupcake flavors out there. Why? Carrot cake is sweet and spongy, with shredded carrot, cinnamon and a few chopped walnuts or pecans. This cupcake combo is the same as a traditional carrot cake, but in a single-serving form. If you're not a fan of carrots, you can always leave them out and you're still left with a delicious spice cake cupcake. Or, replace the carrot with shredded cucumber for a truly unique flavor.

Arguably, the best part of the carrot cupcake is the frosting, which tastes like cream cheese, but is sweeter and creamier. It's made by whipping together butter, vanilla, cream cheese and sugar, and is a truly tasty topping for any flavor of cupcake.