How to Dry Tomato Seeds

Hundreds of tomato seeds can be harvested from a single plant. We'll explain how. See more heirloom tomato pictures.

Harvesting seeds from this year's plants and vegetables is an enjoyable fall activity, and it's extremely beneficial to next year's growing season. It doesn't hurt that the process is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, too!

Heirloom fruits and vegetables, grown from seeds saved from generation to generation, are flavorful, delicious and taste so much better than the hybrid fruits and vegetables (bred from just two parents of different varieties) found at your neighborhood grocery store.

Harvesting tomato seeds is a bit different than harvesting seeds from most other vegetables and fruits. With a little patience and time, you can save tomato seeds and plant them the following year, blessing your garden with fresh, juicy tomatoes to share with friends and family for many months to come. Besides, how rewarding is harvesting your own tomato seeds and nurturing them into fully ripe, hearty tomatoes to eat in your own kitchen? What a satisfying experience!

Here are the steps, as well as some tips and tricks, for how to successfully dry tomato seeds, ensuring you'll have a new crop of mouthwatering, red tomatoes to enjoy next year.