10 Most Common Food Product Substitutes

Getting Away from Granulated Sugar

Just about everyone loves sugar. These sweet little crystals come primarily from sugarcane, though they're sometimes extracted from sugar beets. Sugar can be difficult to get away from if you have a sweet tooth, as most desserts and baked goods include it to some extent.

Of course, if you're out of granulated sugar, there are other options. Like flour, there are many different varieties of sugar, and some of them are interchangeable. Date, castor and turbinado sugar will all work in recipes that call for granulated sugar, though the end product might be altered slightly in color, moisture and sweetness.

Sugar substitutes, such as Splenda, can replace sugar in recipes, but your final product will have a distinctive aftertaste and browning will not occur. If you want a more natural-looking product with an authentic taste, try using half sugar and half sugar substitute -- you'll still cut calories and maintain good flavor.

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