10 Most Common Food Product Substitutes


Citrus or Garlic Instead of Salt

Today, just about everything is loaded with sodium. Even many light, diet foods are saturated with salt to increase their flavor. Unfortunately, too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, clogged arteries -- or even a heart attack or stroke.

Two of the most common and effective salt substitutions are citrus and garlic. The acidic nature of citrus juice provides a powerful topping that is as flavorful as salt but much better for you. The strong taste of garlic also helps make bland foods more appealing. Garlic and citrus juices go well with just about anything, especially meats, potatoes and vegetables.

You could also try a combination of various herbs and spices if you'd rather avoid citrus and garlic. Another alternative is to simply add more pepper. This works especially well if the pepper is freshly ground.