10 Most Common Food Product Substitutes


Replacing All-purpose Flour

All-purpose flour is an extremely common ingredient and is used to make everything from breads and cakes to fried chicken. The best and most common substitution for all-purpose flour is regular flour. There are a lot of different flour products out there, and many of them are interchangeable. For example, the only difference between bleached and unbleached flour is that the latter is darker and has a higher concentration of vitamin E. Sifted and unsifted flour are the same thing, just in a slightly different form, so if you have a sifter, it's an easy problem to solve. Rice flour and sifted oat flour can also be used interchangeably with all-purpose flour. Even cake flour can be subbed, although it produces a lighter texture, so it's not so great if you plan on baking cookies and breads [source: Joachim].