Holiday Season Menus

The Holiday Season is a fast paced time of year filled with parties, shopping and decorating. Prepare yourself this season by taking a look at the articles in this section. Learn about classic traditions to just plain making the holidays simple.


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5 Variations on Holiday Fruitcake

What's full of jellied fruit, a variety of nuts and frequently used as a doorstop? If you guessed fruitcake, you're right on the nose. There are some variations on the classic that can bring your fruitcake into modern times.

Top 10 International Holiday Food Traditions

Each culture has its own holidays, traditions and celebrations. And with each of these comes a unique menu to ward off spirits, pay homage to ancestors or bring good luck.

How to Prepare Your China, Linens and Silver for Holiday Use

China, linens and silver are commonly brought out and dusted off for special meals during the holiday season. Show your goods off the right way and pay special attention to them, so they can make a successful holiday debut.

How to Host a Holiday Cookie Swap

We serve them, eat them and give them away as gifts. What could be yummier than a decorative tin or platter of chewy, nutty, frosted or crunchy cookies as a holiday gift? Why, lots more cookies, of course!

How to Host a Holiday Brunch

Brunch is a golden meal that ignores clocks, schedules and the cataloging efforts of the hyper organized. It exists beyond breakfast and lunch, and can be a sweet, savory, substantial or light repast depending on the whim of the host.

Top 10 Classic Holiday Foods

Some dishes we only eat once a year on the appropriate holiday, which makes then even more dear to our hearts. How did these foods become tied to certain occasions?

How to Host a Holiday Open House

Unless you entertain all the time, hosting a get-together can be intimidating. But because there's no specific time for dining and other activities, an open house is a casual approach to having people over.

Holiday Noshes Image Gallery

Cakes, cookies and pudding…oh my! The holidays are the perfect time to spread cheer and bake sweet treats for friends and family. Check out these yummy holiday noshes from around the world.

5 Ways to Lighten Up Holiday Side Dishes

On average, Americans gain about a pound every holiday season. And with meals ranging in calorie count from 3,000 to 7,000, it's no wonder. But you don't have to overindulge, leaving yourself feeling tired and uncomfortable. You should lighten up!

5 Food Court Traps to Avoid During the Holiday Season

During November and December, shopping malls around the country swell with crowds doing their holiday shopping. And food courts will go out of their way to attract those shoppers with unhealthy fare. Don't fall into their traps.

10 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout During the Holidays

When the weather is frigid and you've got a million holiday parties to attend, who has time to go to the gym? You'll have to find other ways to get moving and burning up those holiday calories.

Why do we binge eat during the holidays?

As you sit post-holiday meal, slumped in your chair all bloated and listless, the only words running through your head are, "Why did I eat so much?" But food comas are just another in the long list of holiday traditions.

Holiday Health Traps 101

The winter holiday season is a time for family traditions, peace on Earth, goodwill toward men and weight gain. Putting on some extra pounds during the holidays each year is no accident.

Top 5 Reasons You Pack on the Pounds During the Holiday Season

The leaves turn brown and crunchy, the air gets crisp and cool, and you know fall and winter are approaching. This transition signals travel, family time, holiday parties and another signature seasonal element -- gaining weight.

Holiday Foods

Holiday foods include everything from great savory dishes to decadent desserts. Learn tips on everything from holiday beverages to what to do with leftovers to how to make the best holiday cookies you can this winter season.

Holiday Beverage Questions

The holidays are a great time for diverse beverages. From eggnog to spiced cider to peppermint-flavored tea, a holiday-themed beverage can soothe away the cold winter weather, one sip at a time. See ideas and recipes.

Holiday Cooking Tips

Cooking a great feast to share with family and friends is one of the many joys of the holidays -- and one of the many stresses. Take the stress out of your cooking projects with these helpful hints.

How to Enjoy the Holidays as a Diabetic

The holidays can be a challenging time of year for people who are trying to watch what they eat. If you have diabetes, the challenge becomes even greater. This article offers plenty of suggestions on how to enjoy your favorite holiday treats.