Thanksgiving Menus

This Thanksgiving bring in the harvest for a delicious holiday feast. Read about scrumptious appetizers that you can prepare as you tell your kids all that they ever wanted to know about the first Thanksgiving.

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Wild Turkey Pictures

America ... land of the free and home of the wild turkeys? The Great Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States, but Benjamin Franklin voted for the turkey! Discover more fun facts about everyone's favorite holiday bird.

5 Harvest Rituals around the World

Harvest rituals can be found around the world, in almost every culture. They're used to give thanks and appease the gods for a bountiful growing season. But how do they vary from place to place?

Would turkey be so popular if it didn't have its own holiday?

It may come in fourth on the list of top protein choices, but one day out of the year nothing else will do. Every Thanksgiving Day, chicken, beef and pork all step aside for turkey. But would the bird be so popular without its own holiday?