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Healthy Living

Nutrition couldn't be more important in today's society as our collective waistline continues to expand. Learn the secrets to cooking healthy and knowing how to make good-tasting food without all the fat and cholesterol.

5 Healthy Resolutions for Kids

Children aren't likely to commit to a New Year's resolution, unless it has something to do with sharing their toys or not spending so much time playing Wii. But with rising childhood obesity rates, maybe it's time they started making healthy resolutions.

Why are whole grains good for you?

Why are whole grains good for you? They reduce cholesterol, the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. Learn more about whole grains. See more »

Low-Fat Cooking Questions

Low-fat cooking is not difficult, once basic questions are answered. Learn some of the answers to questions about low-fat cooking. See more »

Calories and Fat in 36 Fast Foods

Many fast foods contain nearly all of a person's daily fat and calorie requirements. Learn the calories and fat in 36 fast foods. See more »

What is a vegetarian diet?

Vegetarians are people who abstain from eating any kind of meat. Read about the vegetarian diet and find out why people choose to become vegetarians. See more »

45 Common Foods and the Number of Calories They Contain

Losing weight basically comes down to using more calories than you consume. Learn about the number of calories in 45 common foods in this article. See more »

What is vegan diet?

Vegans take vegetarianism to a new level by avoiding eating or wearing any animal products. Learn about vegans and find out how the vegan lifestyle works. See more »

How do vegetarians get enough protein?

The high-protein Atkins diet threw people into a protein obsession. Is protein really that important? And what about vegetarians? If you're not eating meat, are you missing something important in your diet? See more »

Carbohydrate Basics

The fact is we can't live without carbohydrates. You can have your carbs and maintain good health. Learn more about the importance of carbohydrates. See more »

How to Choose Carbohydrates

It's important to know the distinction between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Learn more about choosing the right carbs. See more »

How much does the average person eat in two years?

How much does a person eat in two years? A trip to Mars is supposed to take six months to get there and six months to get back, and with perhaps a year spent on the planet, how much food would the ship have to carry for each person? See more »