Healthy Living

Nutrition couldn't be more important in today's society as our collective waistline continues to expand. Learn the secrets to cooking healthy and knowing how to make good-tasting food without all the fat and cholesterol.

When you're trying to lose weight or help a family member slim down, every calorie counts. With some simple substitutions, you can trim excess calories and still make your favorite dishes. What can applesauce replace?

You can fight ailments with pills and dietary supplements all you want, but they'll probably be expensive and come with uncertain side effects. Superfoods, on the other hand, offer lots of health benefits -- and they're all available at your grocery store.

They say that an IQ of 140 or more makes someone a genius, but you don't have to be a genius to eat healthy. If you stick with the basics, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you're sure to end up within the boundaries of a healthy diet.

Once upon a time, drinking water simply meant drinking tap water. Now it might mean flipping on a faucet filter, blasting your water with UV light or even using reverse osmosis. But before you rig up a pricey filtration system, what should you look for?

Perfect for Valentine's Day or just any day, Aphrodisiac foods like oysters, chocolate and figs supposedly can up your feelings of love and romance. Check out these pictures of aphrodisiac foods.

There are many reasons to go vegetarian: religion, health, ethics. And there are just as many kinds of vegetarianism as there are reasons for doing it. Will you cut out all meat, or just when it's convenient?

Candlelight and music are obvious choices for setting the tone for a romantic evening, but did you know that the food you eat may also enhance the experience? Every course of your meal can help to rev the romance engine.

Each year, hoards of people jump on the weight-loss bandwagon, but many of them enlist in fad diets that are based on nutrition myths. How can some of these misguided tips do more harm than good?

If you're feeling down and out, your diet may be partially to blame. Next time you're in a funk, reach for one of these five mood-enhancing foods.

Alcohol, restaurant food and travel are three obstacles that can throw a diet off the rails pretty easily. Lucky for you, there are ways to stay on track even if you partake in happy hour, enjoy a meal out or hit the road for vacation.

Eating at home is the best way to eat healthy for a fit lifestyle. Restaurants are too full of fatty temptations, and if you're looking to get slim, you may be challenged in the willpower department. But you need to know what to buy, and we can help.

Home meal delivery services take the guesswork out of dieting, but do they really deliver the goods? The short answer is yes -- and no. While they do have many advantages, they may not have long-lasting effects.

Children aren't likely to commit to a New Year's resolution, unless it has something to do with sharing their toys or not spending so much time playing Wii. But with rising childhood obesity rates, maybe it's time they started making healthy resolutions.

You don't have to look far for a number of likely culprits in the healthy-diet battle. From nutrition-barren fast foods to packaged foods filled with sodium and bad-for-you fats, eating a healthy diet can be tough.

One way to stay committed to healthy eating is to give your kitchen a makeover. But don't just banish cookies from the pantry -- add these spices, spreads and oils to your eat-right arsenal.

Broccoli casserole and spinach quiche masquerade as health foods. They've got veggies, sure, but they're packed with cream, butter and cheese. You can make your favorite recipes and slim down with these ingredient swaps.

Trying to lose weight? Almost everyone can wax lyrical about the best ways to shed pounds, but do they speak with any authority? Trust someone with a diploma and a stethoscope. We've got 10 doctor-approved diet tips.

For many people looking to lose a little weight, the mere thought of dessert can conjure mixed emotions of guilt and desire. Is it possible to eat healthy, lose a few pounds and enjoy dessert all at the same time?

You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but did you know that eating breakfast can actually help you lose weight?

Snacking can be harmful if it gets out of control, but if done right, it might be good for your body. What's the best way to snack while maintaining your health?

When you're craving fatty foods -- pizza, potato chips or chocolate cake -- you know a salad just isn't going to satisfy your hunger, and you may be wondering why fat tastes so good.

Sometimes knowing what 2-3 servings of chicken looks like can be sort of tricky to visualize. Check out these food proportions pictures to see how they relate to everyday objects.

Diet fads, like any cultural fads, can be swift to start and stubborn to go away. Unfortunately, diet fads can be harmful to your health. Learn about these diet fads and how to avoid them.

Created to help Americans live a healthy lifestyle, the USDA food pyramid, also known as MyPyramid, gives daily food serving suggestions for the average adult.

For a lot of people, gaining weight comes as an accident. Whether it's by eating for the wrong reasons or simply not being aware of what and how much you're putting in your mouth, the weight can just pile on. But a food journal can help.