Healthy Living

Nutrition couldn't be more important in today's society as our collective waistline continues to expand. Learn the secrets to cooking healthy and knowing how to make good-tasting food without all the fat and cholesterol.

Yes, green tea is delicious, but it also has multiple remarkable benefits for your mouth.

How much do you really know about kiwis? Yes, they're green and delicious, but are you aware of the plethora of health benefits these tasty fruits offer?

Are you going to end this meal with a hug -- or perhaps a kiss? If so, you'll need a superhero to fight that villain in your mouth: Bacteria. Do parsley and mint fit the bill?

Before toothbrushes, people had to get creative about cleaning their teeth, so they turned to nature.

Taking good care of your teeth, gums and mouth is a given, but what does water have to do with it?

The next time you start craving a sweet snack, reach for a bowl of fruit salad instead!

People love ice cream, but the sweet treat isn't great for your teeth. The good news? It's easy to make tasty, homemade ice cream that's also low in sugar.

Dairy products have long been a great source of calcium, but there are other vitamins in there, too, working wonders in your mouth.

Can't get enough of your favorite canned soda? Maybe you'll drink your last after you read what it's doing to your mouth and insides.

Pasta is one of the quintessential comfort foods. It's delicious, filling and easy to chew -- which may be why it's a great meal for someone with toothaches or recovering from oral surgery. Here are some dishes that make your mouth feel good.

Just because it's labeled food -- and looks oh, so appealing -- doesn't mean it's safe to eat. To save your teeth, avoid these noshes.

With all the hoopla about natural and artificial sweeteners, getting the facts straight can leave you feeling sour. Are either really better for you?

Believe it or not, chewing gum can be really beneficial for your teeth -- if you chew it long enough.

Did you know there are things that are good for your waistline but bad for your teeth? Check out our article for some culprits.

Dark chocolate has gotten a bad rap over the years as a candy that gives you cavities. You don't want to eat too much of it, but a nibble here and there can actually be good for your teeth.

So, you want to live forever ... almost. Can your diet help get you there? Maybe. What are some foods that increase longevity? Hint: None of them contains lots of preservatives.

Do you get freebies at your favorite restaurant? Do you have nothing in your fridge but restaurant doggie bags and takeout containers? You might be eating out too much. See what some other indicators are.

Do you dream of pickles? Is it impossible for you to leave the chips and dip at parties? No worries. You're just an addict. Which of these foods is your greatest weakness?

Sugar and salt take a rap today because they're so easy to overindulge in. But why do some people relish one taste over the other, and what does it say about them?

A bowl of sugary cereal and a soft drink aren't the way to an intelligent morning. What breakfast items will rev up your noggin for the day?

Fast food can wreak havoc on your otherwise healthy diet. But there are some good options at the drive-through. We'll look at 10.

Salmon of any kind is good for you. But wild salmon is better. How come? And is it so much better that it's worth the cost?

Need a protein-packed, low-carb, omega-3 rich food? Look no further than soy. This protein source is one of the best foods around, although its benefits are a little controversial. When should you look for if you're eating something that has soy?

Whether to keep in shape for your little yellow bikini or just for health's sake, light dinners can help you stay healthy and fit. From a light vegetable stir-fry to grilled pizza, check out these light summer fares.

Step aside high-calorie French onion soup! Outta the way double bacon hamburger! Healthy soups and sandwiches can have just as much taste and much less of the bad stuff you want out of lunch.