Wine dates back many, many centuries and is a complex and historic drink. Wine comes in many different forms and every different type of wine has its own flavor, color and texture. Learn all about the complexity of wine on TLC Cooking.

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Ultimate Guide to the American Southwest Wine Region

The American Southwest wine region consists of six states: New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. The region encompasses immense geographic variety, which means vintners face a wide array of challenges.

Ultimate Guide to the Basilicata Wine Region

Although the Basilicata wine region is one of Italy's smallest -- it devotes barely more than 1 percent of its land to wine production -- it is known for turning out one of Italy's most well known and celebrated red wines, the Anglianico del Vulture.

Ultimate Guide to the Calabria Wine Region

Ciro is the most well known wine from Calabria. Its history stretches back almost 3,000 years. Archeologists actually found evidence of an ancient "vinoduct" in the region.

Ultimate Guide to the Languedoc Roussillon Wine Region

Influenced by everyone from the Greeks and their olive trees to the Spaniards and their Catalan, the Languedoc Roussillon region of France lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, making it a prominent thoroughfare and trade route.

Top 5 Winemaking Tips

Any backyard vintner can turn grapes into alcohol, but only a few can craft a good bottle of wine. With these five hints, you might just go from booze to Bordeaux.

How to Taste Wine

Tasting wine can be overwhelming for a beginner; you know there's swirling and sniffing. But you don't have to be an expert to know what wine has to offer.

Ultimate Guide to New Zealand Wines

With its earliest recorded wine production happening in the mid-19th century, New Zealand is pretty much a rookie compared to European countries.

Ultimate Guide to Australian Wines

Although the Basilicata wine region is one of Italy's smallest -- it devotes barely more than 1 percent of its land to wine production -- it is known for turning out one of Italy's most well known and celebrated red wines, the Anglianico del Vulture.

Ultimate Guide to the Jura Wine Region

The Jura region is one of many regions in eastern France that produces world-class inimitable wines. The region is situated south of Lons le Saunier and north of Arbois, in the western hills of the Jura Mountains.

Ultimate Guide to the Somontano Wine Region

The Somontano wine region is located in northern Spain, surrounded on all sides by five other recognized wine regions. Found at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains, the region has 30 vineyards and covers roughly 11,370 acres of land.

Ultimate Guide to the Tuscany Wine Region

For any true wine connoisseur, Tuscany is a must-see. The region produces some of the most reputable wines in the world. And for many, it's almost impossible to hear mention of Tuscany without picturing its rolling hills covered in grape vines.

Ultimate Guide to the Piedmont Wine Region

The Piedmont wine region of Italy is not just about producing spectacular boutique wines, but also about the entire gastronomic experience.

Ultimate Guide to the Sardinia Wine Region

Researchers recently discovered that Sardinia could be the birthplace of wine, leading growers and drinkers alike to take a second look at this Italian island.

What are the regulatory classifications for Italian wines?

Each European country has specific rules and regulations governing all aspects of wine production. In Italy, they're called Denominations of Origin laws.

Ultimate Guide to the Queensland Wine Region

Australia is often overlooked as a wine-producing powerhouse, yet its viticulture is rich and full of history. For a young country and state, Australia's Queensland has been in the wine producing business since its establishment almost 150 years ago.

Ultimate Guide to the Bordeaux Wine Region

Bordeaux -- to most people, the name simply means a type of wine. However, it's also a prominent French wine region. And while you might think the region focuses only on its namesake, wine production in Bordeaux is actually quite diverse.

Ultimate Guide to the Burgundy Wine Region

You've been asked to bring a bottle of Burgundy wine to dinner at a friend's house. You know very little about wine, so you think she just means that you should bring some red wine -- the color burgundy is a shade of red, right?

Ultimate Guide to the Sicily Wine Region

If your first thought about Sicily is of a certain group of gangsters in the "Godfather" trilogy, you're in for a treat when you discover its wine.

Ultimate Guide to the Marches Wine Region

The coastal Marches region of Italy produces some of the country's best boutique wines -- including one that used to be sold in a fish-shaped bottle.

Ultimate Guide to the Champagne Wine Region

It's New Year's Eve. You have your fancy outfit, a date and a party to attend. What's missing? The bubbly! There's nothing like a big bottle of champagne to help you celebrate.

Ultimate Guide to the Lombardy Wine Region

Lombardy is usually associated with food production rather than vineyards -- neighboring regions bottle much more wine. Nevertheless, some superb wines are made there.

Ultimate Guide to the Corsica Wine Region

Corsica has been experiencing a renaissance after a period of economic and cultural decline. Key to the island's return to prosperity is a new commitment to old practices -- including winemaking.

Ultimate Guide to the Liguria Wine Region

If you're planning a trip to Italy, Liguria might not be the first destination on your list. Tuscany is next door, with the art and shopping of Florence and the historic sweep of Siena. But don't overlook the flavors of this small region.

Ultimate Guide to Wine Cellars

Like milk, wine can spoil, and changes in temperature or light exposure can speed up the spoilage. Wine cellars work to protect bottles from the elements, and they also give you a nice place to show off your collection and store those vintage labels.

Ultimate Guide to the Rhone Valley Wine Region

Sure, you know Champagne and Bordeaux, the celebrities of the French wine world. But how familiar are you with the wines of the Rhone Valley wine region? It is an ingenue by comparison.