Wine dates back many, many centuries and is a complex and historic drink. Wine comes in many different forms and every different type of wine has its own flavor, color and texture. Learn all about the complexity of wine on TLC Cooking.

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Ultimate Guide to New York Wine Country

At any time of year, New York wine country is full of opportunities to tour, taste and explore the state's beautiful viticultural, or wine-producing, areas. What's the best way to see New York wine country?

Ultimate Guide to Ohio Wine Country

Wineries around the country are enjoying an increase in popularity as travelers seek unique vacation experiences. But you don't have to travel to California valleys for a vintner-themed vacation -- Ohio also offers a great wine experience!

Ultimate Guide to Oregon Wine Country

It might not be the first place you think of when you consider American wine countries, but we guarantee you won't be disappointed with a trip to any of Oregon's prestigious vineyards.

Ultimate Guide to Texas Wine Country

Texas might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of wine, but the U.S.'s biggest state is now fifth in the country in wine production and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to its more than 200 wineries.

Ultimate Guide to Virginia Wine Country

With about 200 vineyards nestled in unbeatable scenery, Virginia gets high marks as a wine travel destination and serves up plenty of history with its quality wines.

Ultimate Guide to American Wines

American wines are relatively new to the game, but they're growing in popularity and gaining more respect. Learn more about these rookie wines.

Ultimate Guide to Argentinian Wines

Think all fine wines come from France, Italy and California? Think again. Some of the best reds, especially Malbecs, are produced in Argentina.

Ultimate Guide to Chilean Wines

Tired of the same old bottles of merlot and chardonnay? Consider Chile. Known for its value pricing, Chilean wine comes in a wide variety of whites and reds to please any palate.

Ultimate Guide to Chinese Wines

Most people don't think of China as a winemaking force to be reckoned with, but it could be well on its way. Learn more about Chinese wines and how fast their popularity is growing.

Ultimate Guide to German Wines

In a land known for beer, you might be surprised to know that Germany produces a lot of really good wines, too. Follow us on a tour of German wines.

Ultimate Guide to Greek Wines

Join us as we explore everything about Greek wines, including their divine history, diverse production regions and delicious applications.

10 Tips for Biking Through Wine Country

Bike tours have become popular in virtually every place that wine is produced, but how do you combine wine tasting and a strenuous activity like biking? It's a lot easier than you'd think, actually.

10 Tips for Great Adventures in Wine Country

Choosing the right wine country tour can give you a unique experience that you wouldn't have exploring the area on your own. What's the best way for you to enjoy wine country?

Top 10 Wine Country Gardens

These days, there's more to a wine country visit than tipping stemware. Many wineries also include spectacular gardens that can expand a traveler's wine tour experience. What are some of the best gardens in wine country?

Top 5 Wine Country RV Resorts

What better way to sample a region's vineyards than hit the road in an RV? We've got five fantastic RV resorts dedicated to the grape.

When is the best time to go to wine country?

Wine country is the chic choice for winery tours, honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, graduation trips and girlfriend getaways. But when should you go? Which time of year will provide you with the best possible experience?

Ultimate Guide to Wine Country Trains

What could be a better way to enjoy wine than to travel through the gorgeous terrain that produces it with other people who love the grape? And how can you get the most from a train trip through wine country?

Ultimate Guide to Wine Country Vacations

A wine country vacation can take place almost anywhere. Pack your bags for Europe or visit one of America's numerous top-of-the-line wineries. Just remember to relax and smell the roses (or taste the grapes, as the case may be).

Can you take a hot air balloon through wine country?

From rivers to forests, Northern California's wine country boasts more than just wineries, and balloon tours are a whimsical way to take in these breathtaking views. How can you take a hot air balloon through wine country?

How to Plan the Ultimate Wine Road Trip

Why tour one vineyard when you can visit several? Hit the road and plan a great trip through wine country.

How to Throw a Wine Country Party

You don't have to live in Napa Valley to host a wine country party. This romantic pairing of wine, food and friends can happen anywhere. We'll show you how.

How to Tour Wine Country on Horseback

Instead of taking in the surrounding landscape in your sedate sedan or in a bus like a tourist, get intimate with your surroundings. Explore the vineyards like the vintners of old -- on the back of a horse.

10 Common Wine Additives

Think there's just a few crushed grapes and some sugar in your wine? Think again. There's a lot more that goes into making that bottle of vino we all love.

10 Coolest Wine-related Jobs

If working with wine is your ultimate dream, there are a number of ways in. From making the wine to working the fields, we'll tell you about the 10 coolest jobs.

10 Little-known Wine Facts

During the fermentation process, wine can turn out so many different ways that those who drink it have sought to know a little about that magic. What are some wine tidbits that you might not know?