National Wines

From Argentina to Germany, national wines are a source of pride for many countries. What distinguishes one countries wine from another? Find out in this national wine regions section.

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Good as the wines from Chile and Argentina are now, they're going to get even better. Learn more about Chilean and Argentinian wine here.

G'day mate, welcome to the world's friendliest wine country - Australia. Learn more about Australian wine.

Fact - France remains the greatest wine nation in the world. Learn more about French wine in the TLC Wine Guide here.


Forget the insipid sweet pap that is Liebfraumilch; Germany is home to world-class wines. Learn more about German wines.

Vibrant, stylish, entertaining yet often frustrating … In Italy, that goes for the cars, the people and - guess what? - the wines. Explore Italian wines.

Not just the source of Sauvignon Blanc - the green land of New Zealand has other top-class whites, and impressive reds too. Explore New Zealand wine.

The quiet performer of Europe, Portugal now boasts red wines that can take their place alongside the finest in the world. Learn more about Portuguese wine.


New World fruit, Old World elegance - that's what South Africa offers at its best. Learn more about South African wine on the TLC Wine Guide.

Think Spain is just Rioja and sherry? Think again. The sleepy giant of European wine is finally on the move. Learn more about Spanish wine here.

American wine isn't just about California - there are wineries in each of the 50 states, even Hawaii and Alaska! Explore American wines and wine regions.

American wines are relatively new to the game, but they're growing in popularity and gaining more respect. Learn more about these rookie wines.

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Think all fine wines come from France, Italy and California? Think again. Some of the best reds, especially Malbecs, are produced in Argentina.

By Beth Brindle

Tired of the same old bottles of merlot and chardonnay? Consider Chile. Known for its value pricing, Chilean wine comes in a wide variety of whites and reds to please any palate.

By Bambi Turner

Most people don't think of China as a winemaking force to be reckoned with, but it could be well on its way. Learn more about Chinese wines and how fast their popularity is growing.

By Sara Elliott

In a land known for beer, you might be surprised to know that Germany produces a lot of really good wines, too. Follow us on a tour of German wines.

By Sara Elliott


Join us as we explore everything about Greek wines, including their divine history, diverse production regions and delicious applications.

By Christine Venzon

Italy is one of the world's foremost names in wine production, in constant competition with powerhouse France for the title of world's top producer. Hand in hand with their large-scale production, Italy is a dominating force in exporting.

By Elizabeth Abbess

Although the Basilicata wine region is one of Italy's smallest -- it devotes barely more than 1 percent of its land to wine production -- it is known for turning out one of Italy's most well known and celebrated red wines, the Anglianico del Vulture.

By Sarah Siddons

Your date tells you he's in the mood for a French wine. You nod enthusiastically, but really you don't know a thing about wine, French or otherwise. What sets this region's wine apart?

By Vivien Bullen


It might surprise you to learn that Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world, right behind the likely leaders -- Italy and France. But Spain devotes nearly 3,000,000 acres of land to wine growing.

By Vivien Bullen