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A Cuisine is a country or region's collection of traditional foods and flavors. Many cuisines are enjoyed the world over, but a few cuisines are truly an acquired taste. Explore the many different cuisines in this section.

Asian Cuisine includes a number of dishes and tastes from several Asian countries including Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Chinese Cuisine typically has two parts - rice or noodles and a meat and/or vegetable. There are many divisions of Chinese Cuisine but the four most popular flavors are Cantonese, Szechwan, Hunan and Mongolian.

European Cuisine contains an enormous variety of traditional meals from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and the hearty Germanic countryside to the equally hearty British Isles.

French Cuisine is popular in many higher-end restaurants because it has been refined and enriched over centuries of practice. It ranges from elegant seafood dishes to simple bistro fare and fanciful desserts.

Island Cuisine also spans the globe with influences from Hawaii, the Caribbean, Jamaica and Cuba.

Italian Cuisine is popular around the world and has two main styles. Northern Italian cuisine usually has a lighter, creamier sauce where the Southern counterpart generally contains thicker, richer tomato-based sauces.

Jewish Cuisine has roots back to the ancient days and many of the recipes for authentic Jewish foods have been passed through the generations by practice rather than written recipes.

Latin American Cuisine is another assortment of unique spices and flavors that represent the individual culture of that region. Try our Latin American recipes like Baked Corn Timbales or Feijoada Completa.

Mexican Cuisine is generally built around the tortilla, either flour-based or maize or corn-based. Add frijoles, chilies and your choice of meats and you have the heart of Mexican Cuisine.

Middle Eastern Cuisine combines dozens of actual cuisines into one general category, but each is based on simple foods that are complemented with exotic spices.

Regional American Cuisine can often be traced back to some of the first inhabitants of each geographic region of America: the colonial northeast, the Cajun and "country" southeast, the hearty explorers of the Midwest and the Latin influence of the southwest.

Thai Cuisine is known for its balance of flavors and can be divided up into four regional flavors, each for a different region of the country, including Northern, Northeastern (or Isan), Central and Southern.