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In Western Culture Main Dishes generally feature one or more meats cooked to perfection. There are many ways to cook a main dishes, including grill, bake, broil, smoke, marinate or even lightly sautee.

Beef has been a main dish staple in American cuisine since the country began. Beef has many different cuts to choose from such as the rib, flank, loin and so on. It can also be cooked and seasoned a variety of ways.

Chicken has gained in popularity due to its health benefits and abundance around the world. Chicken can be separated into parts such as the leg, thigh, breast, wing and assorted other areas that are commonly used in stocks.

Fish is perhaps the healthiest of the main dishes. The "fishy" taste can vary depending on the type of fish, the preparation and the actual presentation.

Game meat like bison and elk are gaining popularity because they are generally leaner meats that have the same "beefy" taste and texture. Other common game meats include veal and Cornish hen.

Lamb is a tender meat when prepared properly. Most lamb recipes call for the meat to be braised or marinated so that it stays moist and tender when served.

Pork comes from a pig and is colloquially known as "the other white meat". Although there are many parts of a pig, pork can be divided into five primal cuts: Shoulder Butt, Picnic Shoulder, Loin, Ham and Belly.

Shellfish are the typical fare served as a main dish in most higher-end restaurants and make up the "surf" part of a surf-and-turf cuisine. The most popular shellfish are lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops.

Turkey is not only an American staple on Thanksgiving. Turkey is eaten year-round and is a very popular sandwich dish and casserole ingredient. Turkey is also a common substitute for beef in chilies and spaghetti sauces.

Pasta, a main dish originally from Italian cuisine, is nothing more than dough, flour, water and eggs. However, the best pastas have carefully measured amounts of each. Pasta comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Pizza, another main dish originally from Italian cuisine, has been widely commercialized in the United States. Chicago-style pizza is thicker and meatier than New York-style pizza. Both are different to the original Italian pizza pies.

Vegetarian Main Dishes are catching on, especially in our health-conscious society. Try our amazing vegetarian main dishes like Vegetable Lasagna, Stuffed Peppers or Two Beans and Rice for your next meal.