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Baking How-to

Baking How-to is a helpful guide that will get you prepped for creating outstanding dishes in the oven. Learn about the difference between baking powder and baking soda, how to use yeast and the basics to become the go to baker in your household.

5 Tips for Baking the Perfect Cookie

There are many ways your cookies can go wrong. From the cookies merging together on the sheet to the bottoms burning to an undesirable shade of black, the bottom line is baking isn't easy. But these tips may help!

Baking Flour Facts

The many different types of baking flour, such as cake flour, pastry flour, and others, can be confusing. Find baking powder facts and information. See more »

Questions about Making Cookies

Every baker wants to make a perfect batch of cookies. Check out our questions about making cookies and find hints and tips for common cookie problems. See more »

Baking Powder Questions

Baking powder is a leavener that makes baked goods rise and is similar to baking soda. Learn how to use and store baking powder in this article. See more »

Tips for Baking Pies

Get practical tips for baking pies, including how to make decorative crusts, how to avoid a soggy crust, how to prepare fruit for pies, and more. See more »

Baking Mix Tips

Baking brownies and biscuits can sound like an all-day affair. But thanks to these baking mixes, desserts can be ready in a snap. Read on for more. See more »

How to Know When Bread Dough Has Risen Enough

To test if dough has risen enough, press two fingertips about one-half inch into the dough. If a groove remains, it is ready. Read more about dough. See more »

Condensed Milk vs. Evaporated Milk

Condensed milk and evaporated milk are similar but not interchangeable in recipes. Learn how condensed milk and evaporated milk are used in cooking. See more »

Baking Methods

Using correct baking methods can make baking a cake a piece of cake. Learn some useful baking methods and tips in this article. See more »

Baking Questions

Baking involves precision and good measure, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Find answers to simple baking questions in this article. See more »

How to Make Pastries

Learn how to make pastries in this informative article. You'll find tips on working with phyllo dough, making tarts, and more. See more »