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Baking How-to

Baking How-to is a helpful guide that will get you prepped for creating outstanding dishes in the oven. Learn about the difference between baking powder and baking soda, how to use yeast and the basics to become the go to baker in your household.

5 Tips for Baking the Perfect Cookie

There are many ways your cookies can go wrong. From the cookies merging together on the sheet to the bottoms burning to an undesirable shade of black, the bottom line is baking isn't easy. But these tips may help!

How to Bake a Cake

Learn how to bake a cake at HowStuffWorks. You'll find tips on what type of pan to use, baking temperatures, and more in this helpful article. See more »

Baking Cookies

Baking cookies is quite simple, especially if you're armed with the tips in this article. Learn about baking cookies, storing them, and more. See more »

How to Bake Bread

Between kneading the dough and punching it, baking bread is a workout. Learn how to bake bread, braid challah, and prepare quick breads like pancakes. See more »

Can flour explode?

Is flour inflammable? I heard that if you were to burn flour it would explode. If so, what is in flour that makes this happen? See more »