Comfort Food

Comfort food can encompass a broad spectrum of dishes. From mac-n-cheese to a warm bowl of tomato soup accompanied by a grilled panini, our collection of comfort food menus will make your stomach growl.

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Macaroni and cheese may be the ultimate comfort food. But how did this dish become one of the world's favorites?

By Marie Willsey

Whether topping pizzas, enhancing the flavor of sandwiches and burgers or turning pasta into a main course, cheese is a culinary superstar. Tempt your taste buds with our list of ten favorite cheesy dishes.

By M.J. Plaster

Immigrants settled in the United States and flooded the country with foods, methods of preparation and recipes native to their home country. The culmination of all of these influences has made up the varied and delicious American cuisine we have today.

By Emilie Sennebogen


Chicken and dumplings is a classic Southern comfort food dish, and fits the bill as a great home-cooked meal or fashionable menu item du jour.

By Emilie Sennebogen

The pressure of an economic slump might make even the most sophisticated diner crave tuna casserole. Choosing comfort food isn't just about reverting back to the worry-free days of childhood -- it's got a lot to do with tight budgets.

By Cristen Conger