Cooking How-to

Cooking How to will help you discover the correct procedures for preparing a variety of meals. Read about how to saute vegetables, grill a streak, bake fish and more.


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Cooking Mussels

Mussels need some basic prep work, such as cleaning and debearding, before you can cook and thoroughly enjoy them. Find helpful tips on cooking mussels in this article.

Cooking Scallops

Scallops come in two varieties -- bay or sea. Cooking scallops is relatively easy to do at home if you're armed with the right tools and techniques, and they only take three to four minutes to cook.

How to Cook Fish

Not only is fish easy to cook and versatile, it's also delicious and nutritious! Learn how to cook fish, whether you prefer to bake, poach, pan-fry, or use another cooking method.


Today, shellfish that were once considered ethnic or exotic are as common as shrimp on menus and in local markets. What's more, cooking shellfish is quite simple. Learn all about shellfish in this article.

How to Make Pasta

The possible combinations of pasta and sauce are limitless and may even be a little intimidating. Learn about choosing and making the many delicious types of pasta in this article.

Cooking Lobster

Lobster is usually considered a luxury food item, but you can enjoy this shellfish more economically if you cook it at home. Learn different ways to cook lobster with the help of this article.

How to Garnish

You've heard the phrase, "it looks good enough to eat." Garnishes are designed for that very reason. Complement the flavor and style of the food you're serving with these beautiful garnishes.

Seasoning Basics

Seasonings can be the most important part of a recipe. Herbs are the leaves of plants, while spices are the seeds, buds, fruits, flowers, bark, and roots of plants. Learn about herbs and spices.

Uses for Salt: Cooking Tips

Salt has more jobs in cooking than being an ingredient in recipes. It can perform miraculous tricks for improving flavor, preserving food, and salvaging a cooking disaster. Learn salt's diverse roles in the cooking process.

Uses for Vinegar: Cooking Tips

Vinegar has many jobs to do in the kitchen. It can improve flavor, preserve food, fill in for missing ingredients, and even make food look better. Learn about vinegar's uses in the kitchen.

Why do many foods have High Altitude Cooking Instructions?

Most any packaged food that involves boiling (like boxed macaroni-and-cheese dinners) will have "high altitude" cooking instructions. Find out what this means and why it matters in cooking.

How do you make clear ice cubes?

How do I make clear ice like they have in restaurants?