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The Cooking Tools & Techniques channel offers information on prep methods to how to guides that will get you started in the kitchen. This section will also guide you through kitchen safety and best practices for the storage of foods.

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Slow Cooker Questions

A slow cooker can give you a home-cooked meal even if you're stuck working long hours. This article answers common slow cooker questions. Learn about using a slow cooker, including advice on slow cooker size, food safety, and more.

How to Know When Bread Dough Has Risen Enough

How do you know when bread dough has risen enough? The answer is at your fingertips. Learn about the properties of yeast and dough and get tips and recipes on bread making.

Questions about Cooking Chicken

Chicken is an economical and versatile meat that is used in most American meals. How much do you know about cooking chicken? Find common questions about cooking chicken, answers, and tips to help with your next chicken dinner.

Questions about Cooking with Chocolate

Cooking with chocolate is full of challenges, from which type to use to how to melt it. Cooking with chocolate can produce some excellent desserts that will be the hit of any party. Find answers to common questions about cooking with chocolate.

Marinating Tips

Adding flavor to meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables is easy with these simple marinating tips. Marinades typically use an acidic ingredient that acts as a tenderizer for tough cuts of meat. Learn answers to some marinating tips questions.

Cooking Oil Questions

A diet that includes good fats such as olive oil can protect your heart by raising your beneficial cholesterol and providing protection from heart disease. Get your questions answered about oil olive and oil substitutions in recipes.

Oven Questions

Successful cooking and baking requires that you follow the oven temperature in the recipe. This article answers oven questions, such as how to check oven temperature, how a convection oven differs from a conventional oven, and more.

Parchment Paper Questions

This article has the answers to your parchment paper questions. Parchment paper can help you eliminate the need to grease baking pans, and makes for easy clean-up. Learn what parchment paper is, and how you can use it in baking and other cooking.

Citrus Tips

Citrus fruits like lemons and limes are great sources of important nutrients. Find tips and helpful ideas to incorporate citrus into your diet.

Cooking with Pork

Pork is a good source of protein and can be a healthy part of the diabetic diet. Many cuts are quite lean. Learn how to choose and store fresh pork, get cooking questions answered and view these recipes.

Cooking with Pumpkin

Pumpkins are naturally good for you. They are high in fiber, Vitamin A, and potassium. Learn which types of pumpkins are best for cooking and treat your palate to these recipes for pumpkin flan, pumpkin pot pie and more.

Condensed Milk vs. Evaporated Milk

Condensed milk and evaporated milk are similar but not interchangeable in recipes. Learn how condensed milk and evaporated milk are used in cooking and which is better for your cup of coffee, and which is better for baked goods and desserts such as candies, puddings and pies.

Non-Stick Cooking Questions

This article answers non-stick cooking and baking questions, with advice on cookware and non-stick cooking spray. For instance, do you know how to get all of a sticky ingredient off of a measuring spoon? Learn more about non-stick cooking.

How to Add Zest to Your Food

It's easy to fall into a monotonous meal routine, but it's just as easy to change it up a bit, too. The next time you're at the market, try to pick up some items that will give "pop" to a dish Get tips and ideas.

Baking Methods

Using correct baking methods can make baking a cake a piece of cake. Learn various useful baking methods and tips in this article and soon enough you'll be a master in the kitchen.

Baking Questions

Baking involves precision and good measure, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Learn the answers to common baking questions, including how to ice a cake and how to ship your baked treats. Get started on your next sweet-tooth journey.

Pasta Questions

Pasta is a common dinner item, but preparation isn't always a piece of cake. Ideally, pasta should be served immediately after cooking, but sometimes this isn't possible. How can you keep it warm until serving time? Learn some of the answers to questions about pasta.


You don't have to be a gourmet to love cooking. We'll show you the best cooking methods to create feasts or simply feed yourself. Learn how to cook using our step-by-step instructions in this article.

How to Cook Chili Peppers

There are a variety of chili peppers available in local markets, and each offers a unique flavor and level of spice that is sure to enhance your dishes. Learn how to cook chili peppers here.

How to Cook Tortillas and Beans

You can bring the sweet smell of cooked tortillas and the delicious goodness of beans directly from South of the Border right into your kitchen with our step-by-step instructions for Mexican cooking. Learn more here.

How to Roast Meat

Roasting is a rather simple cooking option for preparing meat. What's more, the end result is truly juicy and delicious. Find tips for roasting prime rib, lamb, and ham in this helpful article.

How to Carve Meat

After the menu has been planned, the groceries bought, the table set, and the cooking done, one of the more formidable tasks involved in holiday meals and dinner parties still remains -- carving the meat. To help you carve the main attraction like a pro, follow the helpful guidelines in this article.

How to Make Pastries

Pastry dough can be temperamental to work with, to say the least. But don't let that stop you from working with delicious pastry dough. Find tips on how to make pastries in this article.

How to Cook Vegetables

Learn how to prepare and cook vegetables in this article. With a little practice, you'll soon be chopping, dicing, seeding, and zesting like a pro.

Cooking Seafood

More and more Americans are eating seafood, but few are cooking it at home. Learn about the different varieties of fish and shellfish, as well as ways to prepare seafood in your own kitchen.