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Dining Out

Dining Out at restaurants can be a quick and cheap meal or an expensive venture. In this section read about how eateries mark up food and take a look at some of the most expensive foods that are out there.

Would you pay $350 for a 134-pound cheeseburger?

Hungry? A restaurant in Detroit, Mich. has made a 134-pound cheeseburger. It's sure to set the new world record for size, but it's certainly not the costliest menu item available.

Overwhelmed by Confusing Menus? Many Are, Survey Finds

An OpenTable survey found the 25 terms that most confound American diners. See more »

10 Restaurants to Try Before You Die

Whether you're salivating for po' boy sandwiches, hot dogs, oysters, sushi or lemon pepper chicken, at least one of these world-famous eateries is bound to suit your fancy. See more »

5 Places That Have Secret Menus

Hungry for a little something special? Lots of restaurants have a "secret menu" -- a list of unofficial offerings available to those in the know. See more »

How to Order Off the Menu

What happens when you look over the menu at a restaurant and aren't inspired? If you're in the know and have some finesse, you might be able to grab a special request from the chef. See more »

10 Things the Pizza Delivery Guy Doesn't Want You to Know

Chances are, you've opted for the convenience and taste of a hand-delivered pizzeria pizza. But it isn't all pepperoni and piquant sauce. The pizza delivery man could be harboring a few secrets you may or may not want to know. See more »

10 Things Your Barista Doesn't Want You to Know

If you're a coffee lover, then your neighborhood barista is a very important person in your life. But is he or she telling you everything about the cafe's caffeinated concoctions? See more »

10 Things Your Waiter Doesn't Want You to Know

Everyone loves going out to eat. Letting someone else do the cooking sounds appealing, but what's really going on in that kitchen? Your waiter knows, and if you treat him or her right, you can learn many restaurant secrets. Want fish? Try Tuesday. See more »

Fast Food Pictures

Fast food is easy, convenient and perfect for the person on the go. Who doesn't love getting a hot, tasty meal delivered right to their door? Check out these mouth-watering fast food pictures. See more »

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fast Food

Fast food is very much entrenched in our culture. But before there were lawsuits against McDonald's, there was the advent of the assembly line and the reinvention of the classic American hamburger. See more »

Should you really avoid ordering fish on Mondays?

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain proffered this advice to restaurant-goers. But food snobbery aside, are there real health risks to ordering the catch of the day on Mondays? See more »