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What's So 'Offal' About Haggis and Why's It Banned in the U.S.?

The national dish of Scotland (popular at New Year's Eve and Burns Night) is banned in America because it contains a certain outlawed ingredient. But whose idea was it to stuff a sheep's stomach bag and boil it? And what does it taste like?

Molasses: The Sticky Story of a Dark and Syrupy Sweetener

The wonderfully thick, dark syrup called molasses has been used in cooking for centuries and is still prized around the world today for its smokey sweetness.

Marzipan Is the Sweet Almond Treat You Need This Holiday

Some form of marzipan can be dated back to ancient Egypt. But today this sweet confection is as traditional a holiday treat as they get.

Is Oat Milk Really the Best Milk?

There's really no shortage when it comes to milk alternatives. But oat milk seems to stand out. Why is it so hot right now? And how do you make it?

Dishing It Up: History of the Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is a staple at many Thanksgiving dinner tables. But who developed this recipe that has become such a holiday classic?

How to Soften Butter

Butter is the ultimate ingredient for baked goods. But soft butter is even better. Here's how to get it.

Pork Smackdown: Pancetta vs. Prosciutto vs. Bacon

You could call pancetta Italian bacon, but it's so much more than that. Think of it as bacon maxed out. So how do you use it? And how does it differ from prosciutto?

What's So Delightful About Turkish Delight?

A favorite treat in British children's stories of the past, Turkish delight might be an unfamiliar taste to American readers. So, what is it like, and how do you make it? We get insight from the Culinary Institute of America.

Lychee Is an Underrated — but Seriously Sweet — Fruit

You might have seen lychees at an international farmers market and not known they were lychees. The dark red tropical fruit looks a little like raspberries and are packed with potassium — and sugar.

Vegemite Is the Curious Comfort Food From Down Under

Men at Work sang about the stuff in their 1981 hit 'Down Under.' But what is this thick, black spread anyway?

What's Inside Worcestershire Sauce, and How Do You Pronounce It?

This 180-year-old sauce can be used to add zing to just about any dish. But what's in it? And why is it so effective? And, most of all, how do you pronounce it anyway?

How to Tell If Eggs Are Bad

Eggs might just be nature's perfect food. If they're fresh that is. We'll tell you how to know.

Paprika Is Way More Than Just Deviled Egg Dust

Paprika comes from the dried Capsicum annuum variety of red peppers, and can range in flavor from sweet to very hot.

Shallots Are Onions' Cute Little Cousins

Shallots belong to the same family as onions, leeks, scallions and garlic. They look like small, elongated onions but have a sweeter, milder flavor.

It's 2020. Of Course the McRib Is Back

McDonald's cult-favorite sandwich is back on the menu. But what in the world is it anyway?

Tiny Capers Pack a Big, Flavorful Punch

Capers are actually the flower buds of the caper bush. So where does all that flavor come from?

The Scoville Scale: How Hot Is That Pepper?

Is that pepper too hot to handle? See where it falls on the Scoville scale.

Heart of Palm Is Totally Delicious, Underrated and Much Better Fresh

Heart of palm, with a similar taste and texture to artichoke heart, is a staple in Central and South America and a healthy addition to almost any menu.

How to Poach an Egg

Poaching eggs is easy if you know a few tricks.

Pimento Cheese: The Southern Staple With Northern Roots

We usually equate the Masters golf tournament with azaleas in the South. But this year because of the date change, it got us thinking about that pimento cheese sandwich, which it's famous for.

Everything Really Does Taste Like Chicken, Including This Mushroom

The Chicken of the Woods mushroom is jam-packed with protein and easy to spot with its bright orange color and ruffled edges.

How to Bake Bacon in the Oven

Frying isn't the only (or necessarily the best) way to cook bacon. We'll show you another way that's even better.

Could Breadfruit Be the Next Superfood?

This starchy, staple fruit that grows in the tropics has the potential to provide food security to millions. So what exactly is it and who's eating it?

Top Ramen's First 'Chief Noodle Officer' Pays in, Well, Ramen

What does it take to be a chief noodle officer? Top Ramen is hiring its first ever in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Irish Supreme Court Says Subway's Bread, Well, Isn't

If Subway's bread is legally not bread, then what in the heck is it?