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Courses & Dishes serve up the best appetizers, salads and main dishes for any appetite. And don't forget the drinks and desserts that complement every meal.

Appetizers come in all shapes and sizes and can set the tone for the rest of the courses. Learn how to prepare and how to enjoy some of the most creative appetizers you've ever tasted.

Drinks are an important part of any party or entertaining. The right amount and selection of drinks makes sure that everyone has a good time.

Breads & Muffins are staples for most meals. See the variety of bread & muffin recipes you can choose from to round out your favorite meal.

Breakfast & Brunch are the most important meals of the day says conventional wisdom. Learn how to prepare healthy and delicious breakfasts and brunches from casseroles to french toast and pancakes to parfaits.

Condiments & Garnish can make good meals great and great meals downright irresistible. See how to prepare and accessorize your dishes with the best condiments and garnishes.

Desserts are usually the last impression that your guests will have about a particular meal, so make your desserts really count. Learn how to make some of the most delightful desserts you've ever tasted.

In Western Culture Main Dishes generally feature one or more meats cooked to perfection. There are many ways to cook a main dishes, including grill, bake, broil, smoke, marinate or even lightly sautee.

Salads are a mixture of lettuces, vegetables and sometimes even meats and dairy products. Most have an accompanying dressing to keep it moist and even more toppings to add flavor.

Sandwiches can be stacked with meats, cheeses and vegetables nearly a foot tall and a foot long. Sandwiches, like paninis for example, can be flattened to less than an inch thick. Either way, the sandwich is the perfect lunchtime fare.

Side Dishes, as the name implies, are not the featured attraction on the plate, but they can be the hit sensation for your taste buds. Try our entire collection of side dishes for yourself.

Snacks between meals is the healthiest way to consume food throughout the day. Well-proportioned meals and snacks keep your metabolism working and provide your body with constant supplies of energy.

Soups & Chilies are a welcome treat to a cold day or to comfort a sick family member, but they can also be the main attraction for a lighter meal.