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A study showed that people are heavily influenced by the picture on the cake mix box when it came to guessing serving size and calories.

By Kathryn Whitbourne

Egg in your coffee? It may sound odd, but it’s part of an old but enduring method of brewing that devotees say yields a better cup of joe.

By Maria Trimarchi

What happens when you substitute a blender and a molecular gastronomy ingredient for dairy and steam?

By Sarah Gleim


Whether piled high on a banquet table or highlighted in an entire episode of Alton Brown’s Food Network show Good Eats, the tenderloin is a versatile cut of meat that creates a variety of moist, delicious sandwiches.

When it comes to sandwiches, which is more important: quality or quantity? While most of us might argue the former, humankind’s quest to continually set the record for the world’s largest sandwich is no small feat. It seems people have been doing this for years now without an end in sight. Let’s look at some recent—and competing, in many instances—records, shall we?

Whether you call it a hoagie, a grinder, or a sub, one thing remains: the hero is about as American as a sandwich can get. And while the nomenclature might vary by region, the history of the hero is pretty straight and narrow, much like, well, the sandwich itself.

So how do you actually go about making one of these culturally cool creations at home? Keep in mind the panini isn’t just some average sandwich to be hastily slapped together. You’ll need an acumen of ingredients, a bit of creativity, and patience.


Sandwiches vary from simple to intricate; healthy to downright artery-clogging.

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Hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich? Here are 5 tips for making a grilled cheese sandwich.


Where did that melty combination of toasted cheese and bread come from?

By Contributors

Where does the peanut butter and jelly sandwich actually come from? And what makes the trio of ingredients we’ve accepted as totally mundane so utterly divine when layered together?

Hard as it might to look past one's own personal history with the sandwich—say, the paper-bag-lunch sandwich Mom always made or day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches we always scarfed down with Dad—the evolution of that humble food begins long before the modern era.

Sure, you eat within the dark confines of a movie theater (and arguably more than you would in any other venue), but how often do you pay special attention to what’s being eaten on screen? Over the last two decades, sandwiches in particular have played a starring role in some of the country’s most notable films.


While many American cities offer seemingly limitless options for all sorts of global cuisines, of course nothing beats eating what you’re supposed to be eating in the very place you’re supposed to be eating it. Say "hello" to the sandwich.

This vegetable is such an enigma that it is called a romanesco cauliflower in the US and Canada, a romanesco broccoli and a romanesco cabbage in Germany.

By Kelly Rossiter

Tapas have come to mean almost any type of appetizer or finger food, but that doesn't mean they aren't hearty enough to be a full meal. Here are five Spanish tapas recipes that will have everyone saying delicioso at dinnertime.

By Alison Cooper

Easy, versatile and nearly foolproof, kabobs can be adapted to any sort of cuisine. Give these five tasty and healthy variations a try.

By Alison Cooper


A sandwich for dinner? Why not? It's quick, easy and -- if you choose the right ingredients -- creative and filling. We've got 10 sandwiches here worthy of any dinner.

By Kim Williamson

If you think that authentic Southern cuisine is too time-consuming, think again. Here are five essentials for quick and easy Deep South dinners.

By Meghan E. Smith

The world is your oyster when it comes to salads. You can use almost anything you want, and it's ready in minutes. These five essentials will make your prep time a snap.

By Sara Elliott

On weekday nights, most of us just want an easy crowd-pleasing dinner. So before you order a pizza or make your thousandth box of mac and cheese, check out these five ideas for quick and light meals.

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French cooking may scare the daylights out of even experienced cooks. But it's not as frightening as you might think. In fact, these five dishes are almost too easy.

By Sara Elliott

When you've had a busy day, it's tempting to stop for carry-out than to go home and cook. But healthier options are available with these five staples in your kitchen.

By Emilie Sennebogen