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Food Safety & Storage

Food Safety & Storage deals with the proper ways of preparing and cooking dishes to safely keeping ingredients and leftovers fresh. Learn about food storage techniques and get safety tips to keep your kitchen safe, clean and organized.

What is flash freezing?

Flash freezing allows you to freeze food in serving-size portions. Learn more about how flash freezing works. See more »

Can you freeze eggs to keep them longer?

Sure you can freeze eggs — actually you can freeze any food. It's the thawing part that can be tricky. Learn more about freezing eggs. See more »

Why does salt prevent food from spoiling?

Salt has prevented foods from spoiling and kept entire civilizations alive as a result. Learn how salt preserves food at HowStuffWorks. See more »

10 Most Overlooked Food Safety Guidelines

Food safety guidelines can help you avoid illness-causing bacteria. See 10 of the most overlooked food safety guidelines to stay healthy. See more »

Food Safety

Food safety should be the number one priority in any kitchen. Learn how to safely and correctly handle raw meat, poultry, and more. See more »

Food Storage

Food storage is important when it comes to keeping food fresh and safe. Learn food storage tips and information and keep your kitchen organized. See more »

Food Safety Tips

Follow these food safety tips to avoid food poisoning or illness. Learn our food safety tips here. See more »

Food Storage Tips

With proper storage, food lasts longer and tastes better. Find out how to shop for and store a variety of foods for maximum freshness and flavor. See more »

Food Temperature Questions

Food temperature is vital when cooking. Learn how to check the temperature of charcoal and find links to various food temperature resources. See more »

How to Freeze Foods

Need to know how to freeze foods safely and easily? Find out more about freezing foods here. See more »