From setting the table to serving the meal, we've got all the bases covered. Check out the articles in this section for tips and tricks to help you create the perfect menu for any occasion.

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Summer Table Settings Image Gallery

Summer is full of sunshine, so your table should be, too. Take a look at this gallery of summer table settings and take advantage of fresh flowers, bright colors and warm beach breezes.

10 Things the Pizza Delivery Guy Doesn't Want You to Know

Chances are, you've opted for the convenience and taste of a hand-delivered pizzeria pizza. But it isn't all pepperoni and piquant sauce. The pizza delivery man could be harboring a few secrets you may or may not want to know.

10 Foods that Are in Season in the Fall

If autumn has you lamenting the end of summer's sweet corn and sun-warmed peaches, take heart. Hardy and slow-growing, fall crops come into their own just as summer fruits and vegetables are packing it in.

5 Halloween Treats that Won't Pack on the Pounds

Halloween is sugar central when it comes to treats, but you can put the brakes on high-calorie and high-fat feasting with a few clever but sensible munchies. A healthy Halloween can be anything but boring.

10 Things Your Barista Doesn't Want You to Know

If you're a coffee lover, then your neighborhood barista is a very important person in your life. But is he or she telling you everything about the cafe's caffeinated concoctions?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Recipes

Kate and her kids prepared these dishes with chef Emeril Lagasse. Now you can try these delicious, kid-friendly recipes with your little ones.

Home Made Simple Recipes

Home Made Simple recipes are tasty dishes that even the most amateur cook can prepare. Try these deliciously simple recipes from the Home Made Simple.

BBQ Pitmasters Recipes

Are your grillin' skills hot, blazin' or smokin' good? Put your bbq and grilling skills to the test and try these recipes from the pros of TLC's hit show BBQ Pitmasters.

10 Things Your Waiter Doesn't Want You to Know

Everyone loves going out to eat. Letting someone else do the cooking sounds appealing, but what's really going on in that kitchen? Your waiter knows, and if you treat him or her right, you can learn many restaurant secrets. Want fish? Try Tuesday.

Inedible to Incredible Recipes

Try these great recipes from the TLC show Inedible to Incredible with Chef John Besh.

Who invented macaroni and cheese?

Macaroni and cheese may be the ultimate comfort food: warm, filling and easy to make. But how did this Italian delicacy become one of the world's most beloved dishes?

Top 10 Favorite Cheesy Dishes

Whether topping pizzas, enhancing the flavor of sandwiches and burgers or turning pasta into a main course, cheese is a culinary superstar. Tempt your taste buds with our list of ten favorite cheesy dishes.

Fourth of July Favorites

The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrating the America's independence from Great Britain. And like most American holidays, we like to celebrate with food and lots of it.

5 Renovated Recipes

Food styles are always changing, and being able to reinvent old favorites or update new ones to suit your changing needs is the mark of a savvy cook. Turn these five classics into updated masterpieces.

Splurge vs. Save: Lobster vs. Crab

If you're torn between shelling out for the luxurious taste of lobster and saving your budget with the more cost-effective crab, you might not have to choose. There are ways to combine the two and serve up a seafood dish your guests will love.

10 No-cook Dinners for Summer

When summer rolls along, who wants to cook dinner in front of a hot stove and then wash a bunch of messy pots and pans? We have a few dishes that are fresh, cool and easy to throw together.

Great Traditional Brunch Foods

Many delightful meals await the hungry gourmand throughout the day: There's breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper and prime opportunities for snacking in between. But what about brunch? Could it possibly be the best meal of them all?

Summertime Treats Pictures

Summertime is for picnics, poolside lunches and dinners al fresco. Sure, you could eat these foods year-round, but they're bona fide summer foods. And when you eat them under the hot sun, they taste like time-honored treats.

Cool Foods and Drinks Pictures

When the mercury rises, you need help keeping cool. These bites and beverages will refresh you whether you're at the beach, a backyard barbecue or just driving around town in the blistering heat.

10 Coolest Summer Foods

During the dog days of summer, warm, winter meals just won't do. When the mercury starts to approach the red line, these hot season favorites will be a hit around the pool, out on the patio or under a beach umbrella.

Top 10 Picnic Foods

If you're planning a walk to the park, afternoon on the beach or scenic drive, take along a few classic picnic foods that will satisfy your discriminating palate while celebrating the luxury of eating in the open air.

Who Started the Chocolate Egg?

For those who don't fancy the hard-boiled, poached or scrambled varieties, a chocolate egg is the perfect Easter treat. Who thought to improve upon nature's most perfect food by mixing cocoa and sugar?

10 Vegetarian Easter Meal Options

If someone on your Easter dinner guest list passes on pork, don't fret: There are plenty of tempting options that will highlight the best of the season.

Symbolic Chinese New Year Foods

Symbolic foods are an integral part of the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year, the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar.

10 Regional Foods You've Never Heard Of

The United States is a melting pot of all kinds of nationalities and cultures. It's also a melting pot of various cuisines, ingredients and cooking techniques that vary from region to region.