From setting the table to serving the meal, we've got all the bases covered. Check out the articles in this section for tips and tricks to help you create the perfect menu for any occasion.

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5 Tips for Throwing a 1950s Dinner Party

Bring your guests back to the happy days of the nifty '50s with all the boss food, drink, tunes and style that the decade has to offer. We'll show you how with these five tips.

What are some easy appetizers for a dinner party?

Are you looking for something simple and delicious to serve your guests before your dinner party kicks into high gear? We've got some easy appetizer ideas right here.

How to Create a 1930s Dinner Party Menu

The 1930s were a time of economic hardship for many, but that didn't stop the parties from taking place. Recreate a dinner from this era for your guests.

How to Create a Tasting Menu

Show off your culinary skills or celebrate favorite ingredients, vintages or brews by creating a tasting menu -- an epic meal made up of tiny tastes -- at home. We'll show you how.

How to Throw a Cooking Party

If you want to combine the fun of a dinner party with the frenzied culinary competition of "Iron Chef," why not throw a cooking party? If you don't know where to start, we'll show you how to pull it off.

How to Throw a Gluten-free Dinner Party

Do you need to eat or prepare gluten-free meals? You can still enjoy entertaining when you follow our guidelines for good times without gluten.

How to Throw an All-organic Dinner Party

The next time you have your friends over for dinner, treat them to an all-organic meal. Whether they realize it or not, they'll appreciate the pesticide-free food and healthy offerings!

How to Throw a Progressive Dinner Party

Progressive dinner parties are a fabulous way to entertain while sharing the responsibility of hosting a multi-course dinner across several households, which the guests mosey among. These tips will help make yours a success.

How to Throw a Vegan Dinner Party

Even if you're a die-hard meat eater, you can still host a delicious vegan dinner party. We'll show you how.

Place Settings Explained

If you've never been quite sure how to set or navigate a formal table, don't panic. We've got the mnemonic devices and explanations that'll have you covered.

10 International Dishes Perfect for Summer

When it's summertime, you don't want your meals to sit too heavily. You want to cool down with something refreshing. Think outside the box (and the country) with 10 delicious international dishes.

10 Summer Drinks That Pack on the Pounds

A hot day calls for a ice cold slurpee or a creamy ice cream shake. Maybe not after you've seen the calories on those things. Some of your favorite commercial coolers have calorie counts ranging from 500 to more than 1,000!

10 Restaurants to Try Before You Die

Whether you're salivating for po' boy sandwiches, hot dogs, oysters, sushi or lemon pepper chicken, at least one of these world-famous eateries is bound to suit your fancy.

5 Places That Have Secret Menus

Hungry for a little something special? Lots of restaurants have a "secret menu" -- a list of unofficial offerings available to those in the know.

How to Order Off the Menu

What happens when you look over the menu at a restaurant and aren't inspired? If you're in the know and have some finesse, you might be able to grab a special request from the chef.

5 Foods That Will Keep You Happy This Winter

Come the chilly season, the kitchen can be about the most inviting place in the house: Warm smells, hearty foods and all that heat from the oven make a snow day a fun day. So what are five winter dishes that will keep you happy?

Planning a Gluten-free Thanksgiving

If you're forced to cut gluten out of your diet, holidays like Thanksgiving can seem pretty bland. But for those with celiac disease, there are several substitutions you can make to keep Thanksgiving fare delicious, familiar and festive.

Turkey-free Thanksgivings

Ben Franklin may have regarded turkey as an honorable bird, but many folks don't think it's much of a palatable meal. Your Thanksgiving protein doesn't have to be a snoozer, so skip the tryptophan and mix it up a little.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prep for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day can be the stuff of memories, and cooks everywhere plan their menus carefully, plot out their seating arrangements and strategize their approach to dinner. What can you do to make your feast a success?

5 Foods That Kids Most Often Choke On

Few things cause more joy in young children than eating. Sometimes, though, overzealous (and clumsy) hands don't quite know how to handle certain foods, and healthy snacks and sweet treats alike can be hazardous.

Kick Off Cook Off Recipes

TLC's six-part series KICK OFF COOK OFF, a new cooking competition that slams together America's two favorite pastimes: football and cooking! Try out these recipes from the show.

Fake or Make? What to Buy and What to Make Yourself for Thanksgiving

You don't normally cook for 12 (or 20) -- which is why Thanksgiving can seem so stressful. You could opt to buy some of the menu items, but will people be able to tell? We've got some clever solutions to help you cover your tracks this year.

5 Grown-up Halloween Treats

Halloween isn't just for kids -- grown-ups can join the fun, too, and if you're planning your own party this year, you can put a grown-up twist to the usual trick-or-treat fare.

10 Tips for Thanksgiving Newbies

If this is your first time wearing the Thanksgiving hostess hat, don't obsess. Consider it a rite of passage and tackle the challenge with gusto -- or at least try to keep your terror under control. These 10 tips will help.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Sides That Won't Pack on the Pounds

Thanksgiving Day activities typically revolve around one thing: eating. Wouldn't it be nice if at least some of that delicious food wasn't completely loaded with calories? Try out these five healthy dishes for your spread.