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Your Best Barbecue
Summer Foods Quiz

During the hot summer months, we're all trying to keep cool and fit -- and have some fun. Take this summer foods quiz to find cuisine that suits your summer plans.

10 International Dishes Perfect for Summer

When it's summertime, you don't want your meals to sit too heavily. You want to cool down with something refreshing. Think outside the box (and the country) with 10 delicious international dishes.

Top 10 Picnic Foods

If you're planning a day at the park or beach, take along a few classic picnic foods that will satisfy your discriminating palate while celebrating the luxury of eating in the open air.

Summer Table Settings

Summer is full of sunshine, so your table should be, too. Take a look at this gallery of summer table settings and take advantage of fresh flowers, bright colors and warm beach breezes to step up your dinner decor.

Hot Weather Cuisine

Barbecue & Grilling

Consider this your one-stop resource for barbecue and grilling! Hit the grocery store, fire up the grill, and get your taste buds ready for some amazing summer fare.


What do you know about grilling and barbecuing?


Think of how people cooked before electricity and fancy cooking appliances, and the first thing that comes to mind might be an open flame. Grilling and barbecuing have evolved since then. How much do you know about beef, barbecue and briquettes?

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