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Food Prep Methods

The Food Prep Methods section deals with the techniques used to prepare a variety of dishes. Read about how to properly boil water, cut an onion with out drawing a tear and everything in between.

How to Carve Meat

After the menu has been planned, the groceries bought, the table set, and the cooking done, one of the more formidable tasks involved in holiday meals and dinner parties still remains -- carving the meat. To help you carve the main attraction like a pro, follow the helpful guidelines in this article.

Can Spicy Food Really Burn Out Taste Buds?

There's always that person who reaches for the hot sauce at every single meal. HowStuffWorks Now investigates what's going on with those spicy folks. See more »

This Ancient Secret for Making Tacos Nutritious and Safe Is Still Used Today

What is nixtamalization? Learn all about this ancient process at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

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What is Chiffonade?

Chiffonade is a French cooking technique that involves cutting herbs or other foods into string-like pieces. Find out how to make chiffonade here. See more »

Basting Questions

Basting is the technique of brushing, spooning or pouring liquids over food. Basting helps preserve moisture. Soak up more knowledge about basting. See more »

Blanching Questions

Blanching helps preserve the color and flavor of fruits and vegetables. It also kills bacteria on the food. Bone up on blanching food in this article. See more »

How to Carve Meat

Learn how to carve meat to ensure you enjoy your meal to its fullest. You'll find carving tips for beef roast, leg of lamb, and more in this article. See more »

Preparing Chicken

Preparing chicken is an important early step in the cooking process. Find tips on shopping for chicken, breading chicken, and more at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How to Cut Up Chicken

Learn how to cut up chicken, whether your recipe calls for bite-size pieces or a whole chicken halved or quartered. Find these tips and more here. See more »

How to Prepare Chicken

Many chicken recipes call for specific ways to prepare chicken. Whether it's flattening chicken or making chicken rubs, learn how to prepare chicken at HowStuffWorks. See more »