Food Prep Methods

The Food Prep Methods section deals with the techniques used to prepare a variety of dishes. Read about how to properly boil water, cut an onion with out drawing a tear and everything in between.

What's the fastest way to thaw a frozen turkey on Thanksgiving? There are a few different methods to do it safely.

You may love the burn of food that's triple Thai hot, but do your poor taste buds?

Pre-Columbian civilizations perfected a way of processing corn that's still important.

Where did America's love affair with 'hand-made' food come from, and where is it going?

"Chiffonade" is a French cooking term that literally means "in rags." Learn more about this cutting term and how and when to use it in your recipes.

The word "basting" usually enters the cooking limelight around the holiday season -- but what exactly is it?

Blanching, also known as parboiling, is the method by which foods are partially cooked as a way to preserve their color, texture and flavor. It's also a great way of loosening the skins from fruit and vegetables to make peeling a breeze. Read more.

After the menu has been planned, the groceries bought, the table set, and the cooking done, one of the more formidable tasks involved in holiday meals and dinner parties still remains -- carving the meat. To help you carve the main attraction like a pro, follow the helpful guidelines in this article.

Chicken is exceptionally versatile and needs very little preparation. But there are several simple techniques that can help add taste, texture, and excitement to a chicken dish. Learn more in this article.

Learn common techniques for cutting up chicken in this informative article. You will find out how to cut a whole chicken into halves or quarters, skin and debone a chicken breast, and more.

Whether chicken comes on the bone, or as boneless, skinless, breasts, there are methods to prepare it in order to make your best dishes even tastier. Learn how to prepare chicken.