Seafood Guide

This Seafood Guide will help you select and prepare different types of foods from the sea for a delicious and healthy meal. Learn how to properly cook mussels, fillet a whole salmon, boil shrimp and more.

More and more Americans are eating seafood, but few are cooking it at home. Learn about the different varieties of fish and shellfish, as well as ways to prepare seafood in your own kitchen.

If you're hesitant to prepare oysters at home, don't be. You really can make these succulent and delicious aquatic creatures almost as easily as you cook hamburgers. Find out about oysters in this article.

Whether steamed or eaten raw, clams are a delicious shellfish that can easily be prepared at home. Learn how to cook, clean and shuck raw clams properly and efficiently.

Almost all parts of a crab are edible, from the claws to the legs to the body. What's more, there are a variety of ways to prepare crab. Learn about them in this article.

Mussels need some basic prep work, such as cleaning and debearding, before you can cook and thoroughly enjoy them. Find helpful tips on cooking mussels in this article.

Scallops come in two varieties -- bay or sea. Cooking scallops is relatively easy to do at home if you're armed with the right tools and techniques, and they only take three to four minutes to cook.

Not only is fish easy to cook and versatile, it's also delicious and nutritious! Learn how to cook fish, whether you prefer to bake, poach, pan-fry, or use another cooking method.

Today, shellfish that were once considered ethnic or exotic are as common as shrimp on menus and in local markets. What's more, cooking shellfish is quite simple. Learn all about shellfish in this article.

Lobster is usually considered a luxury food item, but you can enjoy this shellfish more economically if you cook it at home. Learn different ways to cook lobster with the help of this article.