Desserts can be sweet, savory, hot or cold. Read about how to make a warm pie or try your hand at creating your own ice cream. Learn how to prepare a delicious sweet treat that will surely be a palate pleaser.

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If your sweet tooth is aching, what are you likely to reach for? Ice cream, cheesecake, any cake? If you're American, you're most likely to pick one of these 10 desserts.

By Alia Hoyt & Sascha Bos

Sherbet and sorbet are nearly identical in name and ingredients so it's no wonder we often confuse the two. So what makes these two frozen desserts different?

By Sharise Cunningham

Why pay big money for an expensive, bakery-made wedding cake when you can easily build your own romantic creation at home? Learn tips on baking a wedding cake in this article.

By the Editors of Easy Home Cooking Magazine