Food and Culture Facts

Food & Culture deals with how we perceive food in our daily lives and how it can affect us in both positive and negative ways.

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Did Marco Polo bring pasta from China?

Where can you find the world's best pasta? The obvious answer is Italy, where the food staple originated. But did the Italians take a culinary cue from the Chinese? Were Marco Polo and Kublai Khan swapping recipes in the 13th century?

Strange Foods

In recent years, Hollywood has learned that people like watching others chow down on calf pancreas and camel spiders. Even so, one person's offal is another person's delicacy. Here are interesting foods enjoyed around the world.

Canadian Food

You'd be hard pressed to find a Canadian restaurant in the United States (except for the 300 Tim Hortons franchises...we'll get to that), but Canada's cultural and geographic diversity has produced quite a few foods that can boast Canadian heritage.

7 Banned Foods

How and why do particular foods end up banned, who does the banning? Find out, plus see which foods top the list.

12 Items at a Feast of Henry VIII

Henry VIII was known for hosting opulent feasts with every delicacy you could imagine. Read our list of 12 items found at a feast of Henry VIII, including whale meat and grilled beavers' tails!