Food and Culture Facts

Food & Culture deals with how we perceive food in our daily lives and how it can affect us in both positive and negative ways.

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The word "foodie" may be somewhat new to our lexicon. But it's no new phenomenon. You'll be amazed who makes this list.

By Debra Ronca

We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- and can't get enough! Whether you take yours hot or cold, loaded down with deli meat or spread with gourmet jellies, there's no arguing that sammies are here to stay.

By Echo Surina

When city-dwellers have to eat on the run, we hit the nearest hot dog cart or taco stand. Street food is plentiful in bustling metropolises, and the cuisine will transport you to places like Greece and Old World Vienna.

By Oisin Curran


From the hottest pepper (the ghost chili) to the most expensive beef (Wagyu), world record foods have shocked and awed us for a long time. Check out these pictures and enjoy some extreme foods.

By Chanel Lee

Neighbors may not meet over the outdoor clothesline anymore, but that doesn't mean we have to ignore them completely. Want to create a few fun summer memories while getting to know the people you're sharing the community with? Throw a block party.

By Sara Elliott

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating the Hebrews' escape from Egyptian enslavement. Celebrated in March or April, Passover begins with an elaborate meal, called Seder, and continues for seven days.

By Marie Bobel

Chinese New Year is made up of a rich fabric of symbols, traditions and superstitions designed to influence the future. With a cultural heritage that spans more than 5,000 years, it's a 15-day celebration filled food that may shape your future.

By Sara Elliott & Francisco Guzman


Try these favorite recipes from the Miss America contestants of 2010.

From fresh fruit to gourmet candy and coffees from around the world, food has been a traditional holiday gift for centuries. But how do you know if your friends and family will like what you get them? Do a little research.

By Sara Elliott

Ever wonder why you hated broccoli as a kid but now eat every spear on your plate? The answer: the evolving palate.

By Sarah Siddons & Sara Elliott

Where can you find the world's best pasta? The obvious answer is Italy, where the food staple originated. But did the Italians take a culinary cue from the Chinese? Were Marco Polo and Kublai Khan swapping recipes in the 13th century?

By Cristen Conger


In recent years, Hollywood has learned that people like watching others chow down on calf pancreas and camel spiders. Even so, one person's offal is another person's delicacy. Here are interesting foods enjoyed around the world.

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You'd be hard pressed to find a Canadian restaurant in the United States (except for the 300 Tim Hortons franchises...we'll get to that), but Canada's cultural and geographic diversity has produced quite a few foods that can boast Canadian heritage.

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How and why do particular foods end up banned, who does the banning? Find out, plus see which foods top the list.

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Henry VIII was known for hosting opulent feasts with every delicacy you could imagine. Read our list of 12 items found at a feast of Henry VIII, including whale meat and grilled beavers' tails!

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