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Food & Culture deals with how we perceive food in our daily lives and how it can affect us in both positive and negative ways.


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Should We Be Eating Kudzu?

How does a kudzu salad sound? Or maybe a roasted guinea pig? Both are plentiful, and both don't often appear on U.S. restaurant menus. Should they?

We Have Italian, Blue Cheese, Ranch … Roach? Insect Oil's Rich in Omega-3 Acids!

Insect oil is going to waste. It's clean, it's healthy, and we should be using it. Oh, except for roach oil. Apparently that smells disgusting. No surprise there.

Why Fears of an Impending Coffee Shortage May Be Justified

Increased production in Asia and Central America may not be enough to offset Brazil's coffee losses due to drought. What does the future hold?

Ranch Dressing: Delicious, Ubiquitous and Slightly Mysterious

Part salad dressing and part condiment, ranch is so popular in the U.S. that some people might consider it a food group. What in the world is ranch dressing actually?

Study: Cows Grow Bigger, Give More Milk After Early Positive Human Interaction

A recent Austrian study has shown that stroking a calf on its neck during the first two weeks of its life has a positive impact on future growth and milk production.

Ridiculous History: Land O' Fakes — Margarine Bootlegging in Canada

Bootlegging alcohol? Sure, we've heard of that, but butter substitutes?

Soylent 2.0: Dystopian Future Food Comes Premixed

Why waste time cooking, eating and, um, mixing when you can just glug your nutrients down in a matter of minutes? That's the idea behind Soylent 2.0.

When did we begin genetically engineering food?

The practice has ancient roots — but GMOs as we know them really started taking off after some key discoveries about DNA.

Why is there a gluten-free backlash?

See your friends rolling their eyes when you tell them you've gone gluten-free? Find out why the gluten-free diet craze is meeting resistance from the masses.

How close are we to a meal pill?

To a food lover, the idea of trading pizza for a pill isn't exactly appetizing. But in a world where many of us struggle with getting daily nourishment, being a foodie is a luxury. Is a cure for world hunger on the horizon?

What does 'No Added Sugar' really mean?

When you see the increasingly popular label on food products, does that mean you're getting a sugar-free product?

Foodstuff: The Science of Cheese

Cheese has a very long history. Learn more about cheese in this funny video from HowStuffWorks.

Is there a biological reason to eat three meals a day?

Most of us eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day without stopping to think about it. So why do we eat three meals a day — is there a biological reason, or is it a societal construct?

How Soda Fountains Work

People have always had a thing for sparkling water, but it wasn't easy to reproduce the effervescence found naturally in some springs. Why was it so hard to create carbonated water and how did the product gave birth to the soda fountain?

How Soylent Works

Stuffed full of vitamins and minerals — not to mention fats, carbs and proteins — Soylent can replace all those meals you're tired of making. But would you want it to?

How many people does one farmer feed in a year?

Figuring out how many people a farmer's work feeds is more complicated than you may think. Agriculture has many variables that affect farm output – what are they?

Should you make your own kimchi?

If fears of botulism have scared you away from home canning, you may also be hesitant to whip up your own fermented cabbage. Is it worth the worry?

Why would you put a smoothie in a bowl?

Healthy food fads come and go. Smoothies, however, stand the test of time. The latest variation for 2014? One you don't sip with a straw.

10 Breakthroughs in TV Dinners

That microwavable Panang curry and sack of frozen corn dogs didn't become possible overnight. Check out these 10 game-changers from the epic history of the TV dinner.

5 Dishes to Make Him Love You

Sure, you could go out to dinner for Valentine's Day like every other couple. But why not surprise your man with a fantastic dish that'll knock his socks off?

10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Hunger in the United States

The face of hunger isn't just homeless people on the street, inner city youth or the dispossessed. You may be surprised just how far-reaching -- and possibly close to home -- hunger really is in the United States.

10 Things You Can Do to Help the Hungry

When people want to help feed the hungry, most will donate food, time or even money. And those things are always needed and appreciated. But if you want to get more involved, we have a list of things you can do.

Top 10 Movies About Food

Have you ever left the theater after a food-centric film with your mouth watering for the onscreen delights? What are 10 movies that have left us wanting more -- or left us seriously questioning what's stocked in the pantry?

10 Foods We Love to Hate

Liver in your strudel? Sure, 3-year-olds are picky eaters, but sometimes full-grown taste buds have some strong opinions, too, like no organ-filled pastries. What are 10 foods we love to hate, and how can we get past our culinary prejudices?

5 Unusual Foods You Should Explore

Today, there are vast culinary realms to explore, and the route is as clear as your Internet connection. We've got five foods you should give a chance -- some you might recognize, some you might read about for the first time, others could have you holding your nose.