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Food & Culture

Food & Culture deals with how we perceive food in our daily lives and how it can affect us in both positive and negative ways.

Why the U.S. Cares So Much About Corn ... Is Complicated

Corn is king when it comes to U.S. crops. But should it be? The answer is complex, but HowStuffWorks digs in to find the answer. See more »

Trendy Broth Driving Up Prices of Bones

Bones are in short supply these days thanks to the booming bone broth trend. HowStuffWorks digs in for more details. See more »

28 Million More People Became Food Insecure in 2016. Here's Why

Food insecurity across the globe increased dramatically from 2015 to 2016. HowStuffWorks digs into the research to find out why. See more »

Mario Batali, American Chemical Society Weigh in on the Science of Pasta

The art of pasta making is actually more based in science. HowStuffWorks talked to a few chefs to get the details. See more »

A Worldwide Olive Oil Shortage May Be Looming

The world could be on the verge of an olive oil shortage. HowStuffWorks NOW explains why. See more »

Why Hot Food Always Seems So Much More Satisfying Than Cold Food

When we're hungry, why do we crave hot food more than cold? Learn more about hunger and food cravings in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Wine Before a Cigarette Could Mitigate Some Harmful Effects of Smoking

Can wine prevent some of smoking's ill effects on the body? This HowStuffWorks Now article looks at the findings of a recent German study. See more »

7 Weird Instances of Food That Looks Like Something Else

What are weird instances of food looking like something other than what it is? Learn more about weird-looking food in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Different Cuisines in One Meal Ups Enjoyment, Study Finds

Can different types of food make you enjoy your meal more? Learn more about varying cuisines in a single meal in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Happy Hour Alert: Cheese Really Improves the Taste of Wine

Book clubs, sororities and Trader Joe fans rejoice: HowStuffWorks Now looks at a study showing the positive effects of cheese on wine. See more »